Monday, May 19, 2014

Product Review: Lick’s Cycles Motorcycle Sissy Bar Kit

You’ve ridden with others, looked at many bikes in different show rooms, gazed through biker catalogs and cruised the web. Now that you own your own customized motorcycle, it's time to truly put your stamp on it (while ensuring your safety at the same time). You've purchased that bike, make it yours and get out on the road with our handy motorcycle sissy bar kit.

Lick’s Cycles motorcycle sissy bar kit is just $249.99 (plus free shipping!) so you can have this delivered to your home and ready to install pronto. With finishes in black or chrome, this sissy bar kit is like bolting on a little fun to your ride! With an "old school" vibe, this rounded design kit secures a mount using two chrome or satin powder-coated side plates. This kit fits all 2004 and UP Sportsters. This sissy bar kit is not detachable and will mount for years of safe riding. Add the classic vintage look with an added bonus of safety easily and affordably.

This kit looks great on practically any motorcycle. But while the sissy bar kit will work with most models, if you have a Nightster or Iron, a simple add may be needed. This is a simple process that includes trimming the bracket that holds the combo.

Lick's Cycles' sissy bar kit is simple to install and looks stylish and sleek. From any angle, this kit looks great and supports your passenger and seat. Check out for more great accessories for your beloved bike like this sissy bar kit and more. For everything from seat springs to lighting and license plates, Lick's Cycles beats many other advertised prices.


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