Friday, May 16, 2014

Best Places to Road Trip on a Motorcycle

Once you’ve tricked out your ride and finished adding the finishing touches on your motorcycle, it’s time to take your baby on the open road. There are a lot places that you can road trip on a motorcycle. In fact, some roads, especially in the greenery of the Appalachian Mountains that are even better when explored from a motorcycle. These are some of the best places to road trip on a motorcycle:

Tail of the Dragon

The Tail of the Dragon is called Route 129. The road is described as breathless. The Tail of the Dragon is a once in a lifetime needed, week-long motorcycle pilgrimage. This road throws corners and hairpins at you the rate of one every 182 feet or nearly 29 turns every mile. This road is at the top of any motorcycle roads list. However, a word of caution: local authorities have limited the speed on the Tail of the Dragon. This was done to minimize injuries, crashes, and accidents because it is considered a dangerous road. This is a great one to explore, but make sure you have a DOT-approved helmet with you.

Route 44, Northwest Pennsylvania

You can consider this road if you cannot take a week-long trip for Tail of the Dragon. Route 44 is twisty and hilly. It winds through scenic, small Pennsylvania towns starting from Watsontown to the New York State border in Portville. You can easily visit the Jersey Shore as well from this route. You will also go through quiet sleepy towns which include Shinglehouse and Coudersport. There are many places to stop for meals, drinks, and gas along the way. The people along this route are also friendly.

U.S. Route 33, Virginia-West Virginia

Route 33 is 235 miles. It goes from Harrisonburg to Spenser in Central West Virginia. There are mountains, scenic views, and small towns in this area along with friendly people at all the roadside stops. Route 33 takes you to the center of Elkins. This gives you the chance to get food, gas, and some rest as well. If you continue west on Route 33, it joins with Route 119 in Buchannan, West Virginia. Here, you can follow it to Spencer. There are also valleys that are bordered by summits on both sides. You can take a detour and drive to the top to enjoy a beautiful view.

Skyline Drive, Virginia

There are amazing views in this area. You begin at Front Royal. This is at 588 feet above sea level. The Skyline Drive goes for hundreds of miles. The speed limit is 35 mph. You will need at least four to five hours to complete your journey, but the views are worth it. This will allow you to easily stop and get meals along the way, while taking in the gorgeous views. This is a great one to enjoy during the twilight hours too for open sky.

Route 417, Southern Tier, New York State

You can start west along Route 417 at Corning, N.Y. The sounds are quiet and the pace is slow. This road is a small town road, but a great one to still do with a small group. Make sure that you stop to enjoy some of the foods at the local diners along the road.

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