Thursday, March 6, 2014

Product Spotlight: NovDot Mini Helmet

The NovDot Mini Helmet boasts a masculine and edgy look as a novelty skull cap in a matte black shade for a great look that will work great for any type of style. It's the skinnied down version of the 3/4 NovDot helmet from the Lick's product line and is increasing in demand for its looks and overall quality.
NovDot Mini - Matte Black

This helmet fully covers the skull, but is half the helmet area of other bulkier helmets. Yet even with its smaller surface area size, it still works as a legal helmet to wear when cruising with your bike. It's quickly come to be known as the smallest helmet available on the market as a lightweight shell that still looks just as cool as other models without making your head feel suffocated. It fits comfortably just above the eyebrows and comes with black adjustable straps. The product is also available in a total of nine different sizes for a versatile product that fits both small and large body frames.

The design of the product is simple, but still looks plenty rough and tough when hitting high speeds and not wanting to look too flashy. The finish is also clean and durable, but can easily damage if certain products are used on the surface. Windex, polishes, and certain types of waxes should all be avoided when cleaning the overall surface.

One of the best features of the NovDot Mini Helmet is the weight and comfortability that it offers when wearing it. At only 1.25 pounds, it's easy to forget that you're even wearing the helmet when going out for a ride for a product that will still keep you safe without feeling like you're wearing a tank. A microfiber lining is secured inside of the helmet to offer plenty of comfort and circulation to prevent the interior from becoming too warm. The liner is also removable, making it easy to clean when it's needed.

This helmet also meets DOT standards and is secure and durable enough to protect your head should you be involved in an accident. It also comes with a trendy drawstring cloth bag for an easy way to transport and protect the helmet.

If you’re looking for a convenient, quality and lightweight motorcycle helmet, the NovDot Mini has you covered!


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