Thursday, March 13, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Lick's Cycles Suspension Fork Lowering Kit

The Lick’s Cycles Fork Lowering Kit is the perfect addition to any bike that needs to hit the road in a rough and tumble ride. Whether you're riding cross-country or across town every day, your bike does not have to suffer. Think about all of the pavement that you can cover on your bike and all of the bumps and bruises your suspension is going to take. With the suspension lowering kit, you can preserve your bike while making it look awesome at the same time.
 Licks Fork Lowering Kit

Made in the USA, this kit is made from dark metals that add a nice touch to the bike when it is installed. The easy-to-use kit can be installed in almost no time to ensure that the bike has a proper suspension that will stand up to the road.

Think of all the man hours you have put into your bike over the years. You don't want all that ruined by the poorly-maintained roads you have to ride on every day. You might have a rough and tumble lifestyle, but your bike can only hold up to that lifestyle for so long. This suspension lowering kit pulls approximately two inches out of the front end without the need to disassemble forks or change out fluids.

Using the lowering kit, you can get a smooth ride out of your bike for the long haul to Sturgis or the trip across town to meet up with the boys in the crew. You don't have to ride your bike hard to have a hardcore look, and the kit gives you that hardcore look with superior technology that's going to keep your bike's suspension in one piece. It's available for 39 mm or 41 mm applications.

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