Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Most Popular Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle

You've got the bike. You've got the helmet. You've got the open road.

Now it's time to customize your ride. But what are the most popular motorcycle modifications? Well, they might surprise you a bit.

Lapera - SPORTSTER "48" - Bare Bones - Pleated

Long, cross-country rides are the stuff of dreams, but can be nightmarish without a comfortable seat. Many stock motorcycle seats are everything but comfortable, so make sure you like the one you have. If not, change it out for a better fitting seat that gives you a place to rest your back, like this pleated Sportster seat. It'll make you more comfortable and let you stay in the saddle longer.


Stopping is more important than getting up to speed, believe it or not. Most brake manufacturers set wear limits in excess of the point where performance begins to suffer, so ignore those limits – 2mm is the point when you should replace the brakes. When coming up on a curve, you want to be able to slow down and get around it. You also want to be able to stop when necessary to avoid accidents. You can also make your bike look even more awesome by adding on some custom brake lines. With these, you get a sleek look and your brakes become much more responsive.

Exhaust Systems 

If you want a high performance machine that won't let you down even at speed, invest in a good exhaust system. A full system tends to be higher performance than a slip on, although it is a bit more difficult to install. Lessening the weight of your bike means gaining speed, and heavy mufflers are a good place to start. However, sometimes you can lose low-end power due to the loss of regulatory valves. Just be sure you maintain the necessary power across all ranges of speed before you make any changes.

Paint and Design 

It goes without saying that almost every biker likes to paint flames across the design of their bike. Ever seen one without them? However, there are dozens of other patterns you can implement to make your bike your own. Some paints do double duty, helping to reflect heat and keep the metal of your bike cooler in direct sunlight and eliminate glare that can blind you while on the road.


Stock tires are fine for standard riding. However, if you ever want to push your bike to the limits or try stunts with it, you'll need tires that both generate the speed you want and the grip you need. The last thing you want to happen at any speed is to lose your grip on the road and lose control. However, in addition to tires, make sure the wheels themselves can stand up to the amount of flexing they will go under at high speeds. Whether you need wheels or tires, check out Lick’s Cycles for a wide range of both, including sidecar tires.

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