Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to clean & care for your custom motorcycle

From the beautiful paint, the shiny chrome, studded leather bags, and many other accessories, there’s a lot to love about your motorcycle, but after a day cruising open highways, it’s easy for your custom bike to get grimy. Just as you took pride in building your bike, take pride in your custom motorcycle care. Be careful how you clean your bike. If you clean it improperly, it can damage it and ruin those attractive features that made you select it in the first place.

There are some easy ways to clean your motorcycle easier and faster without damage. If you have just come in from a cruise on your bike, you need to let the engine cool down before you wash it. You can cause streaking, chrome damage, and spotting. This can crack your engine. Give the pipes and engine time to cool down. You can take a good look at it to see if there are any loose hoses, leaks, wearing tires, and any other areas that may need attention once everything is cool enough. You can do this while you are waiting for the motorcycle to cool. After that, you can gather some cleaning supplies.

Motorcycle Cleaning Products That You Will Need 
carb cleaner kit

  • Gather some soft, clean cloths. You will use some cloths for washing. The other cloths will be used for polishing and drying. A dirty rag can leave scratches. You can even buy wash mitts to use. Clean sponges are also good for a softer touch on chrome and paint jobs. 
  • Buy a carb cleaner kit
  • For wheels, buy S100 Total Cycle Wheel Cleaner
  • For any leather parts like the saddle, buy a leather conditioner. 
  • Cleaning solution needs to be used as well. Sometimes cleaners can get on the chrome, saddle, and paint. Don’t use products that are not going to cause problems with discoloring the finish.
  • A bucket is a great way to keep cleaning solutions close and handy while working in the garage. 
  • Water – whether using a bucket or a water hose, make sure you’re setting up your bike for cleaning near water. 

Motorcycle Cleaning Part 1 

Remove your rings, watch, or any other accessories before you start cleaning your motorcycle. These products can scratch your bike. Take off any jackets, belts or any other metal objects that may cause scratches. Now, you can begin washing your motorcycle. Your bike should already be cooled down. Prepare the cleaning solution according to body specifications.

Hose down the areas very gently from top to bottom. If there is heavy dirt and bugs on the fenders, hose it down gently. This will let the dirt pre-soak to loosen it. Hose again to rinse off any loose debris.

You can start at the top and then go to the bottom. Use a wash mitt or a clean cloth and wash gently. You should change the cloth if it becomes soiled. If you use a sponge, make sure there is no debris in the pores of the sponge. This can also cause scratches.

Motorcycle Cleaning Part 2 

  • Rinse the motorcycle from top to bottom. 
  • Check every place that dirt can hide. 
  • Use a soft rag and a wheel cleaner. 

Motorcycle Cleaning Part 3 

  • Look for spots that water tends to pool when the motorcycle is drying. 
  • Try to maintain your leather. Don’t use the same cleaning solution for your chrome on your leather. 

A clean bike is much easier to maintain and makes for a better ride. It also makes it easier to spot any leaks or problems with your gear. After you finish cleaning and everything has completely dried, treat your chain (if it is recommended for model and age of motorcycle). You can shine and clean your tires with a tire treatment as well.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Lick's Cycles Suspension Fork Lowering Kit

The Lick’s Cycles Fork Lowering Kit is the perfect addition to any bike that needs to hit the road in a rough and tumble ride. Whether you're riding cross-country or across town every day, your bike does not have to suffer. Think about all of the pavement that you can cover on your bike and all of the bumps and bruises your suspension is going to take. With the suspension lowering kit, you can preserve your bike while making it look awesome at the same time.
 Licks Fork Lowering Kit

Made in the USA, this kit is made from dark metals that add a nice touch to the bike when it is installed. The easy-to-use kit can be installed in almost no time to ensure that the bike has a proper suspension that will stand up to the road.

Think of all the man hours you have put into your bike over the years. You don't want all that ruined by the poorly-maintained roads you have to ride on every day. You might have a rough and tumble lifestyle, but your bike can only hold up to that lifestyle for so long. This suspension lowering kit pulls approximately two inches out of the front end without the need to disassemble forks or change out fluids.

Using the lowering kit, you can get a smooth ride out of your bike for the long haul to Sturgis or the trip across town to meet up with the boys in the crew. You don't have to ride your bike hard to have a hardcore look, and the kit gives you that hardcore look with superior technology that's going to keep your bike's suspension in one piece. It's available for 39 mm or 41 mm applications.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Most Popular Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle

You've got the bike. You've got the helmet. You've got the open road.

Now it's time to customize your ride. But what are the most popular motorcycle modifications? Well, they might surprise you a bit.

Lapera - SPORTSTER "48" - Bare Bones - Pleated

Long, cross-country rides are the stuff of dreams, but can be nightmarish without a comfortable seat. Many stock motorcycle seats are everything but comfortable, so make sure you like the one you have. If not, change it out for a better fitting seat that gives you a place to rest your back, like this pleated Sportster seat. It'll make you more comfortable and let you stay in the saddle longer.


Stopping is more important than getting up to speed, believe it or not. Most brake manufacturers set wear limits in excess of the point where performance begins to suffer, so ignore those limits – 2mm is the point when you should replace the brakes. When coming up on a curve, you want to be able to slow down and get around it. You also want to be able to stop when necessary to avoid accidents. You can also make your bike look even more awesome by adding on some custom brake lines. With these, you get a sleek look and your brakes become much more responsive.

Exhaust Systems 

If you want a high performance machine that won't let you down even at speed, invest in a good exhaust system. A full system tends to be higher performance than a slip on, although it is a bit more difficult to install. Lessening the weight of your bike means gaining speed, and heavy mufflers are a good place to start. However, sometimes you can lose low-end power due to the loss of regulatory valves. Just be sure you maintain the necessary power across all ranges of speed before you make any changes.

Paint and Design 

It goes without saying that almost every biker likes to paint flames across the design of their bike. Ever seen one without them? However, there are dozens of other patterns you can implement to make your bike your own. Some paints do double duty, helping to reflect heat and keep the metal of your bike cooler in direct sunlight and eliminate glare that can blind you while on the road.


Stock tires are fine for standard riding. However, if you ever want to push your bike to the limits or try stunts with it, you'll need tires that both generate the speed you want and the grip you need. The last thing you want to happen at any speed is to lose your grip on the road and lose control. However, in addition to tires, make sure the wheels themselves can stand up to the amount of flexing they will go under at high speeds. Whether you need wheels or tires, check out Lick’s Cycles for a wide range of both, including sidecar tires.

Still need direction with your motorcycle build? Give us a call at the Lick’s Cycles shop at 413-663-9050 or contact us here.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Product Spotlight: NovDot Mini Helmet

The NovDot Mini Helmet boasts a masculine and edgy look as a novelty skull cap in a matte black shade for a great look that will work great for any type of style. It's the skinnied down version of the 3/4 NovDot helmet from the Lick's product line and is increasing in demand for its looks and overall quality.
NovDot Mini - Matte Black

This helmet fully covers the skull, but is half the helmet area of other bulkier helmets. Yet even with its smaller surface area size, it still works as a legal helmet to wear when cruising with your bike. It's quickly come to be known as the smallest helmet available on the market as a lightweight shell that still looks just as cool as other models without making your head feel suffocated. It fits comfortably just above the eyebrows and comes with black adjustable straps. The product is also available in a total of nine different sizes for a versatile product that fits both small and large body frames.

The design of the product is simple, but still looks plenty rough and tough when hitting high speeds and not wanting to look too flashy. The finish is also clean and durable, but can easily damage if certain products are used on the surface. Windex, polishes, and certain types of waxes should all be avoided when cleaning the overall surface.

One of the best features of the NovDot Mini Helmet is the weight and comfortability that it offers when wearing it. At only 1.25 pounds, it's easy to forget that you're even wearing the helmet when going out for a ride for a product that will still keep you safe without feeling like you're wearing a tank. A microfiber lining is secured inside of the helmet to offer plenty of comfort and circulation to prevent the interior from becoming too warm. The liner is also removable, making it easy to clean when it's needed.

This helmet also meets DOT standards and is secure and durable enough to protect your head should you be involved in an accident. It also comes with a trendy drawstring cloth bag for an easy way to transport and protect the helmet.

If you’re looking for a convenient, quality and lightweight motorcycle helmet, the NovDot Mini has you covered!